Task focused lighting in the industry

High visual comfort. Less energy.

Industrial buildings consume a large amount of energy worldwide. While lighting solutions are one of the main energy consumers in buildings, they are also key to enable one of the most important human senses for work: Our sense of vision is essential for a safe and efficient work environment.
This is why reducing energy and human needs should be balanced. The recently renewed EN12464-1 supports this concept and demands task specific lighting. Adjusting the lighting to specific zones within a production hall helps to save energy - like in our VR-case up to 40 %. Without compromises for the human needs.

Adapted light solution to zones thanks to different CRAFT versions

The zoning approach for lighting design starts with an examination of where the working areas are located and of what happens in these horizonal, inclined or vertical planes. Our TECTON system offers high flexibility by integrating different luminaires. In this case we use the CRAFT high-bay luminaire in three versions according to the idea of zoning.
Keeping the new standards EN12464-1 for these task focused approach in mind: With reduced glare, high uniformity and with low energy consumption thanks to a high luminous efficacy and a dimming solution.

Last but not least: The whole planning approach is realized in the unique design language of the CRAFT family.


100% on EN 112464-1 Illuminance enegry consumption
Storage 150 lx 596 lx 48 kWh/m2a
Assembly area 500 lx 605 lx 40 kWh/m2a
Automated 300 lx 581 lx 22 kWh/m2a
100 kWh/m2a
Zoning EN 112464-1 Illuminance enegry consumption
Storage 150 lx 149 lx 12 kWh/m2a
Assembly area 500 lx 514 lx 34 kWh/m2a
Automated 300 lx 320 lx 12 kWh/m2a
58 kWh/m2a

- click the icon to toggle between turning on all lights to 100% intensity or to dim the intensity levels to reach the required illuminance values for each zone.

- click the icon to toggle between false color to better understand the intensity values or show again the natural colors for the human eye

Controlled Glare Optic

Without controlled glare optic

With controlled glare optic

The CRAFT II product family also offers a very elegant solution to a common problem in all high-bay luminaires: their glare or perceived glare.
This occurs for example in a logistics setting or in sport – especially in any situations in which people look up and directly into the light from a high-bay luminaire. For these situations, Zumtobel has developed an innovative “controlled glare optic”.
An integrated louvre enhances the appearance of the CRAFT II performance or CRAFT II plus luminaires and creates two additional light distribution options: “narrow beam controlled glare” and “wide beam controlled glare”. These are extremely effective in reducing glare to a minimum and enable a UGR<19.