Lighting Concept

The Panorama Tour shows the lighting solution developed for EasternGraphics Booth at the Orgatec Fair in Köln.

The Tour allows the visualisation of the lighting levels through the False Colors Panoramas, triggered with the button

The Lighting Concept has been realised using spotlights in combination with pendant luminaires.
The spotlights grant a general light level and enhance the highlights of the booths.
The idea behind the pendant luminaires is to create a more focalised atmosphere on the lounge tables and on the working tables.
This will allow the customers to better understand which are the main focus points on the booth where to get information.


Linetik, Free-standing Luminaire at the reception desk
Teela, Pendant Luminaire at the working tables
Panos Infinity, Pendant Luminaire at the bar and at the lounge areas
Onico, Track Spotlight as general light